Meet Our Staff

Sina M.

Group Facilitator

Sina is an experienced group facilitator, working towards a CADC-I. He finds fulfillment in giving back to others in and outside of the detox facility. Sina believes that every addict deserves an opportunity to achieve their goals with positive reinforcement and continual support. He has the ability to converse with many struggling individuals and meet them at their level.    

Anthony M.

Group Facilitator

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Anthony has worked in the field of addiction for three years. He is a former EMT for the Los Angeles County Fire Department and received two commendations while working in that capacity, and worked as live-in medical support staff for developmentally disabled adults. After his own experience with tragedy, loss, and addiction, Anthony became resolved to save lives in a different way: helping to provide guidance and support for those that are suffering from addiction and mental health disorders. He received his Substance Abuse Counseling Certification from UCLA and Associates in Behavioral and Social  Sciences through SMC, both with honors. Anthony focuses on cultivating strong coping and re-framing skills drawing from not only the evidence-based practices in the field of addiction but also tying them into the different "wisdom" traditions of the world's major religious and philosophical traditions.

Bruce Stark, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Bruce Stark has approximately 20 years of experience in the medical field.  He holds his degree in Internal Medicine from UC-San Francisco, with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology from UC-Santa Barbara.  Previously, Dr. Stark was the Medical Director for Sober College and now maintains a presence in the field of addiction with his private practice. Clients can expect to visit him, at his private practice, with a face-to-face, comprehensive health assessment. Dr. Stark believes in a holistic, compassionate approach to addiction treatment.  His professional experience continues to provide relief for those undergoing the detox process. 

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