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Meet Our Staff


Will Leitzinger

Director of Operations

Originally from Tacoma, WA, Will is a 26-year-old male with several years of experience in the field of Drug and Alcohol Treatment. He is registered with a RADT-1 and plans to attend schooling to complete a CADC program. Will has a passion for helping others overcome the disease of addiction and helping others see how much more beautiful life can be without drugs and alcohol.  Will is also in recovery himself and has personal experience with homelessness, severe drug addiction, and the despair that comes with the disease of addiction. It is these personal experiences that Will uses to relate and coach others on the path to a successful and productive sober lifestyle. Will believes that not only can all addicts recover from the disease of addiction, but that they may flourish and live a life better than they could never imagine.


Kevin Williams

House Manager

Kevin has been working in treatment as a residential advisor since 2018. He is registered with CCAPP as a RADT and has a passion for helping people struggling with addiction. Currently, he is enrolled and pursuing a CADC. Kevin’s favorite past time hobbies include fitness and reading. Kevin also enjoys trips to Yosemite & Ocotillo Wells with his family.


Jason Givens


Jason Givens has been working in Human Services and Substance Use Treatment for over 3 years. Following his successful recovery from Alcoholism and drug addiction, he was hired by SHARE! as a peer specialist and collaborative housing coordinator. There, he was trained in peer to peer services and introduced to individuals that suffer from mental and co-occurring disorders and represent a variety of different cultures, ranging from affluent to LGBTQ. Jason now works at Giving Tree as the primary counselor and spends his day providing the best care and services possible. He believes in meeting clients where they are at in order to help them get to where they want to be. One word he uses to sum up his personal goal for his clients is FREEDOM. Jason works tirelessly with his staff to help clients reach the level of recovery that they and their families deserve.


Tanya Noguera

Group Facilitator

Tanya has a bachelor's degree in psychology and has a passion for helping people. She has been working for the company for 1.5 years. Tanya enjoys working in recovery and aspires to be a drug counselor. She enjoys traveling in her free time and enjoys participating in leisure activities such as hiking and swimming.

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Lauda Linder

Executive Chef

A native Californian, Chef Laura’s approach in the kitchen is always with a healthy twist. She traveled the country in search of true locals to learn a variety of specialty dishes such as Lite Mediterranean meals, Hearty South Texas Mexican Food, Real Southern Comfort Food, Authentic Italian Pasta dishes, Louisiana Style cooking, Homemade Breads, cakes and pastries, and, Chocolate Anythings, and so much more!

Laura is a recovering alcoholic/addict and the kitchen is where she shares her experience, strength, and hope to those who like to hang in the kitchen. She likes to learn about all of the residents and what types of meals they like, and with her creative nature she will whip up some comfort food to the resident’s taste.

She is certified in Food Safety, CPR, First Aid, AED, and currently has her RADT
(Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician) and CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug
Counselor) Certifications. 


Alyssa Rivas

Group Facilitator

After earning her bachelor’s in Psychology in 2019, she knew she wanted to work in a field that directly advocates and empowers individuals. Alyssa found those qualities working as a group facilitator. Prior to group facilitating, Alyssa had a year’s worth of experience working as a residential technician. She is currently working towards her Alcohol Drug Counselor certification. Alyssa sees herself as a guide who gets to collaborate, listen and respond. Together, they will process life events and discuss topics such as self care, creative outlets, and life skills.

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