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Inpatient Rehab: What to Expect from Treatment

An inpatient rehab is nothing but an on-site/residential rehabilitation program. Herein, you have the privilege to stay on the drug/alcohol-free campus and undergo rehabilitation. This program will provide facilities such as, detoxification, closely-supervised self-care regime, 24/7 medical support, customized nutrition charts and healthy cooked meals, standardized medical interventions, family counselling, individual counselling, remedial therapies, relapse prevention counselling, continued education and the like. The best inpatient alcohol rehab centers in California will formulate customized detox programs based on close examination and detailed case-study of the patient. The team generally includes physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, credentialed addiction-counselors, nutritionists, wellness trainers and nurses too.

What to Expect in an Inpatient Rehab:


The primal step in the rehab program is the detoxification process. This process involves the cleansing of the abused drug/alcohol from the body completely. This will enable you to live a life without being under the influence of any substance (alcohol/drug). Any detoxification process typically lasts from one week to 21 days. In rare cases, the detoxification process can go on for more than a month. The duration for detox depends on the age, gender, height, weight of the patient, along with the duration, frequency and quantity of substance abuse.

24/7 medical support:

The most prominent benefit in an inpatient rehabilitation program is the interminable medical support until the end of the program and through each day and night. Rehabilitation is immediate step after detox. Your body will be extremely vulnerable with a continued craving for abused substances. 24/7 vigilance and moral support by the credentialed counsellors, therapists, physicians, nurses and the like can be extremely beneficial to monitor you, help you, listen to your dilemmas, advise you and also ease your pain by prescribing painkillers when there is a dire need.

Alcohol-free environment:

One of the crucial challenges of an addict after detox is familiar triggers and/or familiar environment that incite the craving for more substance-abuse. In these circumstances, a drug/alcohol-free environment can be a boon to fight the battle. The best inpatient rehab centers in California follow the best practices with customized day-planners which include relapse prevention counselling, group therapies, one-on-one counselling sessions, art therapies, wellness-fitness-interventions, nutritious meals, medical interventions and the like. The lack of availability of alcohol/drug in the entire campus increases the chances of recovery and stability among patients.

Structured Schedule:

An inpatient rehab program will slowly regulate your routine and establish a healthier day-plan into your otherwise haphazard/abusive schedule. The best inpatient rehab centers in California are equipped to transform your schedule into a healthier, energized and productive one. A typical day in the life of an addict at the inpatient rehab may begin with a meditation therapy or a wellness/fitness activity and will also include wholesome and timely meals, counselling sessions, group activities, talk/art/music therapy and the like. This structured schedule is an initiation and encouragement for your or your loved one to continue to live a clean, meaningful and organized life after moving out of the inpatient rehab too.

One-on-one counselling sessions: Most often, detox programs leave you with an empty mind and confused thoughts/triggers. High chances are that you will be irritated, anxious, sometimes paranoid and hallucinatory. It is a testing time for you during this phase of recovery. Rehab centers understand the pulse of the patient during these testing times and ease their pain through one-on-one counselling sessions. The expert credentialed counselors gain your trust and honor your privacy even as you vent out your most private frustrations/aggressions/anxiety. Thus, they strengthen your mental health. Venting out is a massive cure. The best alcohol rehab centers in California have credentialed-counselors who will guide you into overcoming addiction with more confidence and a positive outlook.

Family Counseling:

Addiction is never an individual issue. It is a collective, social issue which affects the kith and kin, friends, colleagues and the like. So, recovery should also be a collective process. When you are recovering, it is important to counsel your family and friends to respond adequately to the changes/pain/struggles and issues you are undergoing. The best inpatient detox centers in California are equipped with expert addiction counselors and family counsellors too who see the larger picture and understand the need for family counseling. These sessions will ease your recovery process and also strengthen your broken relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

Group therapies:

One of the significant experiences of inpatient rehab is the group activities and group communication. Addiction-recovery specialists at the inpatient rehab centers focus on group therapies which includes sharing experiences of addiction and recovery with the inmates. Sharing experiences can act as a morale booster for you and the inmates. It helps you to draw a new perspective, strength and emotional support from the group. The group sharing and support will only enhance your emotional, psychological, physical recovery and increase your chances of long-term sobriety.

Relapse Prevention Course:

Successful detox does not mean successful recovery from addiction. Rehab is the most crucial time when you are psychologically vulnerable. Your thoughts are most likely to be preoccupied with past triggers, pain and/or the fear of impending pain, desires, destructive thoughts, temptation and strong impulses to give-in. These thoughts are capable of pushing you into a relapse mode. But, the best alcohol rehab centers foresee this possibility of relapse and counsel you towards relapse prevention. They work on your mental strength and help you stay afloat even in your weakest moments.

Miscellaneous therapies:

Along with individual and family counselling as well as group therapies, at the inpatient rehab centers you are exposed to diverse forms of therapies that tap your your creative energy, enhances your psychological strength and mental health. The best inpatient rehab centers are equipped with expert practitioners who can groom you to engage in varied interventions such as yoga, music and dance therapy, art therapy, meditation, mindfulness, gardening, and other cognitive-behavioral-dialectical therapies too.

Sign-up for an Inpatient Rehab Program

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